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Electronic patient record in Switzerland – from EPD burnout to positive outlook?

November 25, 2020 @ 18:30 - 19:30 CET


The development of the electronic patient record has been a bumpy road from the start, with no light at the end of the tunnel. With frustrated stakeholders, funds going to waste and the postponement of the launch, we’ve asked ourselves: is there any way to save this crucial project, launch it and, most importantly, make it attractive for patients to use it?

For our digital session on 25th Nov, we have invited experts Anna Granta and Walid S. Ahmed from «Bright Insight» to share their insights on the crucial issues surrounding the development of the electronic patient record, and the way forward.

Bright Insight GmbH supports the players in the electronic patient record to achieve EPDG certification. Based on that, a legally compliant EPD can be created that is secure, functional and practicable.


We will discuss:
– How Anna and Walid found their way into eHealth
– What the challenges and issues were
– Why there are still so few women in digital or ehealth
– The bumpy road of the electronic patient record until now: How it all started and where it stands now
– Differences between the electronic patient record and health data platforms
– Positive injections: what’s NeNI and how to find a positive outlook that also benefits the patients


18:30 Intro by Women in Digital Health

18:35 Presentation by Anna Granta & Walid S. Ahmed (Bright Inside GmbH)
– 1st part: Intro by Anna & Walid and how they found their way into eHealth
– 2nd part: The bumpy road of the Electronic Patient record – from burnout to positive outlook
– Discussion & Interactive Q&A

19:30 End of the Event

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Anna Granta ( is currently a Product Manager Training at Bright Insight GmbH. She is responsible for the development of an advanced further education program on all the aspects of the Swiss Electronic Patient Record (EPR or “das elektronische Patientendossier”, „EPD“). The goal of the program is to increase EPR-literacy and knowledge on implementing the EPR among its providers and users.
Previously Anna Granta led EPR-profile testing and development projects. She achieved her master’s degree in Sciences from the University of Luzern.
Anna Granta is also a member of NeNI, the National eHealth Network Initiative (, a „do-tank“ and knowledge-hub of and for stakeholders in the Swiss (digital) health landscape, which Walid S. Ahmed is the founder of.
Besides her positive conviction towards the EPR, Anna Granta is a passionate adult figure skater, a president of the string orchestra Camerata Basilea ( and a lifestyle & culture journalist for women and men magazines.

Walid S. Ahmed ( is currently managing partner and senior consultant at Bright Insight GmbH. Before that, he was leading the section eHealth in the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in Switzerland, with focus on the technical and legal of the electronic patient record (based on EPDG) and its certification. Among other key competencies, he is also an expert in interoperability standards such as IHE, HL7 and FHIR.
He is the founder of NeNI, the National eHealth Network Initiative, a „do-tank“ and knowledge-hub of and for stakeholders in the Swiss (digital) health landscape, which Anna is also a member of.


November 25, 2020
18:30 - 19:30 CET
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Women in Digital Health

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